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The Viral Cleaners is a specialist company created to help people return to their pre-pandemic life. With advanced disinfectant and hygiene products, we offer preventative products to avoid contracting viruses and ensure a safe environment in the home, business, or staying safe while out and about.

Personal Safety

To ensure personal safety during the pandemic and beyond, we offer a mixture of PPE and hand sanitisation products. For masks, we offer both the ‘standard’ 3 ply disposable face mask as well as the KN95 rated face mask with breather valve. The wearing of face masks in public has been found to slow the spread of COVID-19, and is recommended by the CDC and numerous governments.

When it comes to hand sanitisers, there’s a lot of mediocre products out there. Gelled, alcohol-based hand sanitisers are generally the cheapest and most common. To be effective, these sanitisers must be a minimum of 70% alcohol. Not only is this damaging to your skin, the fast evaporation rate of high alcohol formulas means that you may not even be sanitising your whole hand! Additionally, the high levels of alcohol in these hand sanitisers makes them risky to leave with children and potentially problematic for followers of certain religions.

The solution? Our range of alcohol-free hand sanitisers! All of our hand sanitisers were selected for their post-application protection. Not only do they kill over 99% of germs on contact, they also continue to protect your hands for up to 6 hours after use! The lack of alcohol (and special formulation) means that these are halal compliant products, and gentle on even sensitive skin. As an added bonus, all of our hand sanitisers are also used by the British NHS- a sound endorsement of their quality and efficacy.

We offer a range of convenient sizes, including convenient 100ml travel bottles, larger 200ml and 600ml foaming bottles, and even 5L refill jugs for businesses with high usage!

Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning surfaces, the work is never done. Traditional bleach based disinfectants are effective, but stop working just hours after application. Whether at home or in a business, it’s impractical (and expensive) to clean surfaces multiple times a day, every day. High touch areas in buildings are especially problematic. While some surfaces may only have occasional contact, hot spots like door handles, light switches, and common facilities such as bathroom areas will naturally harbour large quantities of germs. After a few hours of use, these areas will already be contaminated, and potentially an infection vector.

Luckily, we have the same approach to our disinfectants as we do with our hand sanitiser; every single product provides long-lasting protection. From 100ml antimicrobial & food safe surface sprays to 5L concentrated cleaning gels, our whole range is proven effective against viruses.

For quick disinfection on the go, the Nilaqua Antimicrobial surface spray is ideal. Its 100ml size fits easily in a bag or purse, and it’s alcohol-free, colourless, odourless and non-tainting for safe use on dining and prep surfaces. We also offer larger versions like the 500ml foamer upon request.

For larger expanses of surface such as floors, we stock the Byotrol Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant Concentrate. In addition to everything your normal cleaning concentrate would do (such as stain and odour removal), this product is chlorine & phenol-free, and protects surfaces for up to 24 hours post-application. That means you only have to clean once for protection all day!

In addition to our British market disinfectant brands Nilaqua & Byotrol, we are also pleased to be one of the only companies to stock the revolutionary MAP-1 disinfectant Germagic Thyme! Developed in conjunction with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Chiaphua Industries, this advanced disinfectant works by killing on contact, and leaving a thin coating of biocidal Thyme essential oil (thymol). This coating of Germagic Thyme creates a hostile surface for germs that kills and sloughs them off for maximum protection.

This product was in development for nearly 10 years, and has been imported exclusively by the Viral Cleaners.


In addition to our excellent array of products, we are now pleased to be offering disinfectant treatment services in London! We offer residential property disinfection as well as commercial/industrial treatments, even vehicle disinfection for transport and mobility businesses and professionals. Our disinfectants are professionally applied via electrostatic sprayer, which ensures an even, smooth coat of the product throughout the area.


Want to stock our products in your business? We offer a discounted rate for businesses, whether for resale or use. Looking for bulk hand sanitiser in the UK, or bulk disinfectant orders? We ship internationally, and serve most countries. Get in touch today, and tell us how we can help you stay safe and healthy!