Nilaqua® Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser; The Best Hand Sanitiser in the World?

Remains effective even when dry for up to 6 hours on the skin providing proactive protection.

We certainly think so, the Nilaqua® EN1500 apporved alcohol-free product range is non-irritating to the skin, non-toxic, non-skin drying, non-flammable and allergen free.

Nilaqua® Hand Sanitiser kills up to 99.9999% of germs like MRSA, C-diff and E-coli, salmonella and more in just 30 seconds, yet it’s gentle to the skin.

Nilaqua® also kills the dreaded winter vomiting bug known as NOROVIRUS and provides up to 6 hours protection on your hands. Nilaqua® is also tested food safe and skin safe and supplied to the NHS.

Nilaqua® is EN1500 approved which means the bugs are tested on real people not just test tubes! EN1500 is the standard required by the NHS.


-Remains effective even when dry for up to 6 hours on the skin
-Alcohol Free, Bleach Free and Non Flammable
-Tested Food Safe, Vegan Friendly & Halal compliant
-Tested Skin safe for the whole family
-Kills up to 99.9999% of bacteria in 30 seconds
-Kills MRSA and E Coli, Norovirus and NDM1, C-diff, Samonella & More
-Made with 2 active ingredients: Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride and Benzalkonium Chloride
-Highly cost effective and used daily in the NHS
– Compatible with religions that ban contact with alcohol

All Nilaqua products fully comply with the biocidal directives and are tested to the highest standards including EN1500.


Nilaqua’s entire range of hygiene products are not only alcohol free but paraben free too! We believe alcohol free is the way forward….

Nilaqua Alcohol free products are non flammable

This is great for a health and safety aspect; specifically in prisons, public area’s, police stations and when working with mental health or children. It has been known for people to light the actual liquid and create fire bombs, especially around festival toilets. As well as putting it on their hands and lighting it. Smokers are advised to stay away from alcohol products due to the lighting process and smoking itself should be prohibited on site. Alcohol gels should ideally kept in cool or air conditioned rooms,which are locked.


Patient Safety

Certain surgeries involving electrics have shown patients hair to catch on fire after applying alcohol based disinfectants. There has also been reported incidents of electrical fires fuelled by alcohol gel and even ingestion and inhalation in children.


Nilaqua Alcohol free products are non skin drying

Alcohol products method of use is to evaporate, which strips natural oils and dries the skin. This can actually cause micro fissure and cracks that can harbour germs. Alcohol also provides no further protection, where as Nilaqua alcohol free sanitisers provides post application protection for up to 6 hours! Even if you touch a dirty door handle you are still protected – less sick days.


Nilaqua Alcohol free products kill more resilient germs including Norovirus & C-Diff

Is it well known that alcohol based sanitisers do not kill Norovirus nor does it kill C-Diff. Some sanitisers may hold a small residual resistance, however it is minimal. Nilaqua is so effective at killing C-Diff this can be completed in just 30 seconds! Nilaqua kills 99.999% and in most cases 99.9999% of germs in 30 seconds, whereas alcohol gels typically kill 99.9% or 99.99% of germs. This may not seem like alot however for every 9% this equates to 100x or in some cases 1000x more effective. See our Test Data Chart


Nilaqua Alcohol Free Products do not offend religions

Equality is important especially in such a multicultural society. By offering Alcohol Free products you are including everyone.


Nilaqua Alcohol Free Products are non-tainting

Nor do they affect surfaces or strip nail varnish. Nilaqua alcohol free sanitisers can be applied to wood, glass, plastics and even specialist surfaces.


Nilaqua Alcohol Free Products are cost effective

Buying gels are often a false economy as you have to pump several times to cover the hand effectively. i.e. 3 x 2ml pumps = 6ml. Nilaqua’s bottle dispenses vary but our popular Hand Operated Dispenser dispenses 0.8ml per pump, typically requiring 2 pumps maximum this is only 1.6ml. With Nilaqua you do not need additional moisturisers as it does not strip the skin. Sanitisers themselves are often cost effective as you are not paying for water bills, paper towels or electric bills.


Nilaqua’s Excellence in Anti-microbial Surface Spray

Water based and non tainting, Nilaqua’s® advanced surface spray is the ultimate bactericidal, yet bleach free essential for your work environment, whether you are a carehome, hospital, Dr surgery or even a food manufacturer. The surface spray provide a protective barrier lasting up to 30 days. Nilaqua® is also specifically tested food safe, vegan friendly and halal compliant.


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